Erin Body of Work

Erin Body of Work - Classical Pilates

The word Pilates (or Contrology as it was originally named) is thrown around a lot these days.   I teach the exercises and philosophies of Joseph and Clara Pilates.  Through the classical system performed on various pieces of apparatus (reformer, Cadillac, chair, mat, tower etc) Pilates emphasizes core strength (abs and back and gluts OH MY!) while improving flexibility, endurance, posture and overall health.  You will acquire complete control over your own body with a new long, lean, supple muscular strength which will be reflected in how you strut, play and work.


“something in you brought out something in me that I’ve never been since”  -fleetwood mac




                                    “there’s a desire in me to express something—to match what I hear in my head” –eric clapton