Erin Body of Work

Erin Body of Work - Classical Pilates

Erin has been my private Pilates instructor for almost two years now and I couldn't imagine my workout regime without her.  She's helped me through back tweaks, a fractured elbow and chronic leg pain.  Her workouts are always challenging and has an encouraging and easy going personality.  She's constantly changing up my routine to keep my sessions with her interesting and fun.  -Mary Chellamy

Erin is curious.  Erin is determined.  Erin is indeed "freakishly strong".  Erin's witty intellect terrifies and inspires me.  She is something to be reckond with, she's doing what she was bourne to do.  I can't thank her enough.  -Mr Damon

Erin is a fabulous Pilates instructor.  She has so much experience with both beginners and advanced students.  She is an expert in proper body alignment and is meticulous in watching her client's form.  She focuses on the detail of each movement when she works with you.  Because she was trained as a ballet dancer since the age of 3 she knows all about injuries--both how to avoid them and how to work through them for relief.  Erin is also kind and encouraging; no matter what shape she finds my body in i.e. tired, stressed, tight, injured from Zumba, she always finds a sequence of movements to give me a great work out.   I always feel so much better after each session which is a catalyst to make me continue working with Erin.  My body is now stronger and beginning to sculpt because she knows which exercises are beneficial for me.  I really love working with Erin...it's so much fun and she truly cares about her clients on a professional level as well as personal.  - Simone

Not only is Erin the most knowledgeable Pilates instructor in Los Angeles, she is tough!  Don't be fooled by her tiny stature and dimples, she's strong, dedicated and takes my workout very seriously.  She understands how the body works and how to get you into red carpet shape no matter if you have an injury or a limited schedule.  She comes to our sessions with a plan and never fails to bring the very best out of me.  -Jen Garner


“said you’d give me light but you never said anything about the fire.” –fleetwood mac




                                    “there’s a desire in me to express something—to match what I hear in my head” –eric clapton