Erin Body of Work

Erin Body of Work - Classical Pilates

I'm a mover and a shaker.  I frolic upon a Pilates reformer, skip up the Santa Monica stairs, dance about on a SoulCycle bike, bend myself into unimaginable positions during Yoga and lived on my toes as a ballerina.  I love the power of movement and how it creates a healthy, confident body.

I'm a classically trained Pilates Instructor.  I've been teaching for a decade (and practiced for longer than I'd like to admit!).  I know how to handle a body; I can heal your injuries, work your muscles and make you laugh the entire time.  I adapt every workout to your body and together we will meet your fitness goals.

Pilates has always been my foundation to my effervescent and bouncy lifestyle.  It chiseled my French fry loving body into a scrappy physique, deepened my connection to my body and taught me how to be strong and powerful whilst avoiding injury.  Pilates isn't something one masters, its something one builds upon- the abilities of the human body are endless, which makes me excited about all the possibilities and comfortable in my own skin.


“I see myself as a huge fiery comet, a shooting star.  Everyone stops, points up & gasps ‘oh look at that!’ then—whoosh & and I’m gone…& they’ll never see anything like it ever again…& they won’t be able to forget me—ever.” –jim morrison




                                    “there’s a desire in me to express something—to match what I hear in my head” –eric clapton